Sustainability: Environmental, Social, and Governance

Empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world.

A Message From Our CEO:

Fundamentally, we have strategically positioned our business within the long-term, global sustainability megatrend, and our products help enable our customers’ applications that are empowering a greener world. To elevate and advance our product environmental initiatives, we have formed a product compliance steering committee. We also made significant investments in product management technology, consistent with our strategic roadmap, to enable us to leverage product stewardship as a competitive advantage.

In 2021 we continued our efforts to strengthen our sustainability program and enhance our transparency to communicate our progress. Notably, we expanded our reporting framework alignment beyond GRI to include the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We recognize the long-term value of a robust sustainability strategy and comprehensive disclosures for all stakeholders. This sustainability report, which we are excited to share, highlights our commitment to continuous improvement in our sustainability journey and reflects the hard work of our global associates.

Environmentally, we are committed to conducting our operations in a responsible manner. All manufacturing locations either follow or are certified to a management system aligned with ISO 14001 to help monitor our ecological impact. Last year, we set a goal to achieve a greenhouse gas reduction of 38 percent by 2035. To help accomplish this goal, we conducted energy audits at all manufacturing locations and implemented action plans for each location. In addition, we also expanded our programs and investments to support our energy and water conservation and waste reduction initiatives, which contributed to lower intensity levels in 2021. To further understand our broader business impact, we have included our initial Scope 3 emissions disclosure in this report and are closely working with relevant suppliers to learn more about their sustainability practices to ensure we are conducting business with responsible partners.

Socially, our people are our top priority. We have programs in place to ensure the health, wellness, and safety of our global associates, including, for example, holding numerous Covid vaccination events at our manufacturing locations. We launched key initiatives around diversity, increased our focus on talent development, and expanded our efforts around Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. These actions support our commitment to improving our female representation in leadership positions, as well as our minority populations. Consistent with this, we established goals to increase our percentage of global female leaders to 25 percent and more than double the percentage of our Black and African American employees in the United States by 2026. We also continued to give back globally to the communities where we live and work and saw ongoing philanthropic activities at our sites around the world.

From a governance perspective, the Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board of Directors provides oversight of our Sustainability Program. Our Leadership Team has responsibility for the development and execution of our environmental, social, and governance programs, and for establishing goals and key individual performance indicators in these areas for our business units and corporate functions. Achievement and performance in these areas affects our Senior Leaders’ compensation.

This year we focused on implementing more rigorous controls around sustainability data governance, including frequent updates and communications to ensure alignment across the organization. In addition, we have a strong global ethics and compliance program that we continued to evolve through the launch of our first, global associate survey to understand the program’s impact and effectiveness. The results of the survey broadly informed and will drive our future ethics and compliance program strategy.

We are proud of the enhancements we have made to our sustainability program over the past year, and we look forward to continuing to share our progress through the publication of our annual sustainability reports.


Dave Heinzmann
Dave Heinzmann
Littelfuse President and Chief Executive Officer

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