Electronic Testing Services

Our labs combine unique testing capabilites with expert consultation

We are keeping our leading edge in research and development with our network of global labs. Here, we design the products and solutions of the future and provide customer application support and testing.

The unique capabilites of our global labs include overcurrent, overvoltage, ESD and high-speed datacom and telecom testing, material analysis and specialized testing for new technologies, as well as application performance and regulatory compliance testing.

Our partnership-driven approach and technical expertise are the reasons why engineers around the world trust us to help them with their circuit protection needs. Because we offer the industry's broadest and deepest portfolio of products, we are not biased toward a particular technology and answer questions impartially to identify the right solution for each application.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Overcurrent Testing

  • Overvoltage Testing

  • ESD Testing

  • High Speed Datacom and Telecom Testing

  • Thyristor-Specific Testing

  • Failure and Material Analysis

For more information about how our electronic testing services can help you, please email us.