Momentary Switches

  • 1311107983 9109

    Light Duty Push-Button Switches

  • 10A Rectangular Housing Push-Button Momentary Switches

  • Packaging: Box, Bulk

  • Description: 0.33in À Button, Door Momentary Switch, Extra Heavy Duty Weather-Resistant Switch, Momentary Switch, Neutral Safety Switch, Heavy Duty, Normally off pull switch. Spring return to off, Normally on weather-resistant momentary switch, Plunger Momentary Switch, Rubber Cap, Steel Button more

  • Circuitry: DPST, SPST

  • 9095

    Heavy Duty Push-Button Switches

  • 35A & 20A Cylindrical Housing Push-Button Momentary Switches

  • Packaging: Blister, Box, Bulk

  • Description: Compact Pushbutton Switch, Momentary Switch, Plunger Momentary Switch, Plunger Signal Switch, Plunger Starter Switch, Heavy Duty, Pushbutton Momentary Switch, Pushbutton Momentary Switch Heavy Duty, Pushbutton Momentary Switch, Heavy Duty, Pushbutton Starter Switch, Two circuit push-button switch

  • Circuitry: SPST

  • 9002

    Door Push-Button Switches

  • Door Push-Button Momentary Switches with or without Faceplates

  • Packaging: Box, Bulk

  • Description: Door momentary switch, Door Momentary Switch, Door switch with normally closed contacts, Plunger Momentary Switch, Plunger Safety Switch

  • Circuitry: SPST, TPTT