Special Purpose Switches

  • Foot Operated Switches

    Foot Operated Switches

  • Dimmer Switch Connector

  • Packaging: Box, Bulk

  • Description: Dimmer Switch Connector, Foot Operated Sealed Turn Switch, Foot-Operated Headlamp Dimmer Switch, Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer Switch, Foot-operated headlamp dimmer switch, Foot-operated Headlamp dimmer switch, Foot-Operated Start Switch, Foot-Operated Switch, Foot-Operated Turn Switch, Pushbutton Momentary Switch more

  • Circuitry: SPDT, SPST

  • Neutral Safety and Backup Switches

    Neutral Safety and Backup Switches

  • 10-35A Ball and Lever Actuator Style

  • Packaging: Box, Bulk

  • Description: Back-Up Alarm Switch, Back-Up Lamp Switch, Back-up Lamp Switch, Back-Up Switch, Ball Safety Switch, Ball Switch, Neutral Safety Switch Heavy Duty, Neutral Safety Switch, Heavy Duty, Protective Boot, Signal Switch more

  • Additional Description: Has aluminum gasket/washer, Has gasket/washer, Has plunger button shaft, Has spring lever, Mates with Packard connector #2962679, Transmission mounted