TD and Chip Resettable PPTCs

The TD (Terminal Devices) and Chip PolySwitch devices are designed for use in small and medium automotive motor applications, like power windows, door lock motors, and lumbar pump motors.  These devices help eliminate problems caused by abnormal function or misuse, such as a motor stall or short circuit.  The TD and Chip devices are normally custom made to fit into the motor housing.  By mounting them close to the motor windings, they will trip more quickly when the motor windings are hot and therefore closer to being damaged, and more slowly when the motor windings are cold. 


  • Solid state, no moving parts, no on-off cycling under fault conditions
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Custom designs enable flexibility in form factor and performance
  • Available in voltage ratings from 16 to 30 VDC (high voltage capability up to 60 VDC in some form factors)
  • Available in a resistance range of 10 to 100 milliohms

  • Resettability helps reduce warranty costs
  • Scalable technology allows for greater design flexibility
  • Smaller motor temperature increase compared to circuit breakers in stall condition
  • Reduced electromagnetic interference
  • Eliminate arcing due to moving contacts
  • Window lift motors
  • Door lock actuators
  • Trunk actuators
  • Fuel door actuators
  • Lumbar support motors
  • Seat motors
  • Sunroof motors
  • Convertible top actuators
  • Wire protection