Littelfuse Launches the First Automotive Grade PolarP P-Channel Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET

PolarP IXTY2P50PA P-Channel MOSFET

Ideal solution for demanding high-voltage automotive and industrial applications

CHICAGO, October 10, 2023 -- Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ: LFUS), an industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world, announced the release of IXTY2P50PA, the first automotive-grade PolarP™ P-Channel Power MOSFET. This innovative product design meets the demanding requirements of automotive applications, providing exceptional performance and reliability.

The key differentiator of the –500 V, –2 A IXTY2P50PA is its AEC-Q101 qualification, making it ideal for automotive applications. This qualification ensures that the MOSFET meets the automotive industry's stringent quality and reliability standards. With this qualification, automotive manufacturers can trust that the IXTY2P50PA will deliver exceptional application performance and reliability.

One of the standout features is its low conduction loss. With a maximum on-state resistance of 4.2 Ω, this P-Channel Power MOSFET offers reduced power dissipation, decreasing heat generation and improving efficiency in the end applications. Additionally, the MOSFET provides excellent switching performance, with a low gate charge of 11.9 nC, allowing for fast and efficient operation.

Another key advantage is its ruggedness in demanding operating environments and applications. With its dynamic dv/dt and avalanche rating, this MOSFET can withstand harsh conditions and deliver reliable performance. This combination makes it an excellent choice for automotive applications that require durability and reliability.

Furthermore, the IXTY2P50PA high-voltage automotive P-channel MOSFET enables a power-dense PCB design, thanks to its miniature TO-252 (DPAK) footprint in surface mount form factor. This compact footprint results in significant space savings on the PCB, allowing for more efficient and compact designs. Automotive manufacturers can benefit from this space-saving design, enabling them to optimize their applications and achieve greater functionality in limited space.

The PolarP Series is ideally suited for a range of automotive electronics and industrial applications, including:

  • Automotive ECUs
  • Automotive sensor circuits
  • High-side switches
  • Push-pull amplifiers
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Current regulators

Commenting on the launch of IXTY2P50PA, Raymon Zhou, Product Marketing Manager at Littelfuse, said, "We are thrilled to introduce the first automotive-grade PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFET to the market. The IXTY2P50PA offers exceptional performance and reliability, making it ideal for demanding automotive applications. With its AEC-Q101 qualification and competitive specifications, we believe this MOSFET will greatly benefit automotive manufacturers."


The automotive grade PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFET is available in reel packaging of 2500 pieces. Place sample requests through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

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Additional information on the latest series release is available on the PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFETs product page. For technical questions, please contact Raymon Zhou, Product Marketing Manager, at

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