Littelfuse Introduces the MicroPlex 7XHL and the MicroPlex SSR to the Commercial Vehicle Relay Product Line

CHICAGO, August 2, 2018, – Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, today introduced three new CAN controllers, the MicroPlex 7X, 7H and 7L, as well as the MicroPlex SSR, solid state relays for the commercial vehicle industry. The MicroPlex 7XHL CAN controller is designed for body-builders, up-fitters, and OEMs to allow them to easily interface with and augment their vehicles pre-existing CAN system to drive additional features based on existing CAN messaging. Additionally, the MicroPlex 7XHL can be used to add new CAN messaging back onto the CAN bus resulting in an integrated and seamless user experience.

The MicroPlex 7XHL is one of the smallest automotive grade CAN controllers on the market. The innovative module is well suited for a wide range of automotive applications. Users are able to easily configure and or program special features to customize the MicroPlex™ to better suit their needs.

MicroPlex 7XHL offers many benefits including:

  • 7 total configurable I/Os, 1 CAN interface, 1 Ignition input
  • Standard functions and parameters can easily be modified with the MicroPlex™ Lab
  • Complex applications can be implemented with C code
  • Special programs/programming support are available upon request

The MicroPlex SSR18 and SSR30 are some of the smallest high power solid state relays in today’s automotive industry. They are designed to interface seamlessly with the MicroPlex family of controllers to create a smart and state-of-the-art multiplex system. 

When the MicroPlex SSRs are integrated with MicroPlex controllers, the user is able to measure current (in terms of voltage proportional to the load current) through the current sense output pin (VIS). Users are also able to diagnose faults such as, short circuit to GND, over temperature, and open load.

Geoff Schwartz, Business Development Manager, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, at Littelfuse, said “We’re very excited about these products. This out of the box solution integrates easily into existing 280-series Power Distribution modules, and really gives body-builders and small OEMs the opportunity to add a lot of customizability without the large fixed cost investment. The addition of the MicroPlex SSR to our portfolio also gives customers an easy way and low cost way to add variable load control to their existing CAN system.”

The MicroPlex 7XHL is sold as a kit and MicroPlex SSR are available as individual parts. Sample requests may be placed through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide. For a listing of Littelfuse distributors, please visit

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