Protection Relays

pdf icon PGR-8800 Datasheet

pdf icon PGR-8800 Manual

The PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay is a high-speed, arc-detection device for electrical power distribution systems.

PGR-8800 CAD Drawing

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pdf icon PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Application Guide

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pdf icon TN AF-01 PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications Word Doc

PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications Technical Note...

PGR-8800 SKM Device Library Update

Update your SKM software to list the validated PGR-8800 when calculating your incident energy. Using this will save time by automatically determining your systems trip times, arc flash boundaries and required PPE. Please visit for instructions on how to install the SKM file.

pdf icon New Mining Technology Article - Arc-Flash Relays Help Mines Reduce Accidents

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We offer industry leading power fuses, protection relays and custom power centers as well as generator protection, controls and alarm panels.

pdf icon PGA-1100 Datasheet

The PGA-1100 Diode Logic module is an optional accessory for the Littelfuse Arc Flash Relays.

pdf icon CT Selection Guide

The Current Transformer (CT) Selection Guide provides assistance in selecting the appropriate CT for each protection relay.

Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR 7200icon PGR 7200 Feeder Protection Relay

pdf icon PGR-3100 Datasheet

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 3100 Micon PGR-3100 Manual

Littelfuse_protectionrelays_PGR 3200icon PGR-3200 Datasheet

pdf icon PGR-3200 Manual

pdf icon Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR-4300

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 4300 Micon PGR-4300 Manual

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 4700 DSicon PGR-4700 Sensitive Ground Fault Relay

pdf icon PGR-4700 Manual

pdf icon PGR-6100 Datasheet

The PGR-6100 combines the features of a ground-fault protection relay and insulation monitor into one unit.

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6100 Micon PGR-6100 Manual

Product manual for the PGR-6100 Motor Ground-Fault & Insulation Relay.

Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR 6130icon PGR 6130 Electronic Overload Relay

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6130 Micon PGR-6130 Manual

Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR 6150icon PGR 6150 Motor Protection System

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6150 Micon PGR-6150 Manual

Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR 6200icon PGR 6200 Motor Protection Relay

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6200 Micon PGR-6200 Manual

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6200 DeviceNet Micon PGR-6200 DeviceNet Manual

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6200 MB TCP Micon PGR-6200 Ethernet Manual

pdf icon MPU-32 X69X - MPS 469X (PGR-6210 PGR-6310) Datasheet

Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR 6300icon PGR 6300 Motor Protection System

Littelfuse_ProtectionRelays_PGR 6300 Micon PGR-6300 Manual