Semiconductor Fuses

  • PSR Flush End

  • Littelfuse PSR Series High-Speed Square Body Fuses are specially designed for protection of power se...More

  • Amps (A): 40, 50, 63, 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 280, 315, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 630, 700, 800, 900 more

  • Interrupting Rating: 100 kA @ 1300 Vac, 200 kA @ 600 Vac, 200 kA @ 650 Vac, 200 kA @ 700 Vac

  • Opening: Very Fast-Acting (FF)

  • KLC

  • 600 Vac - Traditional Semiconductor Fuse

  • Amps (A): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17.5, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60 more

  • VAC (V): 600

  • Interrupting Rating: 200 kA @ 600 Vac

pdf icon AC Protection and Motor Control in HVAC

pdf icon POWR-SPEED® Fuse Cross Reference

This guide covers the most popular high-speed fuse types that Littelfuse has in stock and ready to ship.

pdf icon POWR-SPEED® Range of High-Speed Fuses - Flyer

Optimized protection for your power electronics.

pdf icon POWR-SPEED® Catalog

These certified high-speed fuses are optimized for performance and efficiency to better protect your critical power semiconductors against short circuits. PF611

pdf icon POWR-SPEED® Fuse Cross Reference - Mandarin

本指南涵盖Littelfuse最受欢迎的 高速熔断器类型,库存充足,可随 时发货!交叉引用旨在对快速识别 和产品选型作出指导。我们建议 您在进行替换之前查看全部适用 规格。

pdf icon POWR-SPEED® Range of High-Speed Fuses Flyer - Mandarin


pdf icon POWR-SPEED® Catalog - Mandarin


pdf icon POWR-SPEED ヒューズ (POWR-Speed Technical Application Guide)


pdf icon POWR-Speed 熔断器 (POWR-Speed Technical Application Guide)


PSR030-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR030-FS0000 3D Model STP

PRS031-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR031-FS0000 3D Model STP

PSR032-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR032-FS0000 3D Model STP

PSR033-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR033-FS0000 3D Model STP

PSR070-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR070-FS0000 3D Model STP

PSR071-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR071-FS0000 3D Model STP

PSR072-FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR072-FS0000 3D Model STP

PSR073FL0000 3D Model STP

PSR073-FS0000 3D Model STP

tc icon PSR30 Time Current Curves 40A-550A

tc icon PSR31 Time Current Curve 200A-800A

tc icon PSR32 Time Current Curve 400A-1100A

tc icon PSR33 Time Current Curve 450A-2000A

tc icon PSR70 Time Current Curve 50A - 315A

tc icon PSR71 Time Current Curve 160A-450A

tc icon PSR72 Time Current Curve 250A-630A

tc icon PSR73 Time Current Curve 315A - 700A

plt-icon PSR Flush Mount Series Peak Let Thru Curves

pdf icon OL-PSR FL Style Flush Mount 2D Print

pdf icon OL-PSR FS Style Flush Mount 2D Print

Littelfuse_Mexico_PiedrasNegras_ISO14001icon 2020-10-24_ISO9001 2015_IBU Piedras Negras Mexico

Littelfuse_Mexico_PiedrasNegras_ISO14001icon 2021-02-14_ISO 14001 2015_Piedras Negras Mexico

LittelfusePiedrasNegrasTS16949 2009icon 2020-10-20_IATF 16949_Piedras Negras Mexico

KLC 1-30A 3D Model STP

KLC 35-60A 3D Model STP

KLC 70-100A 3D Model STP

KLC 110-200A 3D Model STP

KLC 225-400A 3D Model STP

KLC 450-800A 3D Model STP

plt-icon KLC Series Peak Let-Thru Curves 30A-800A