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Littelfuse acquired Menber’s, headquartered in Legnago, Italy, in 2016 to offer a more extensive portfolio of products in the commercial vehicle and aftermarket channels. Since 1965, Menber’s has been a leader in electrical and electronic products for all types of vehicles with a focus on connectors, coils and battery switches. Menber’s passion for its work and innovation has allowed it to grow, expand production systems and become a leading supplier to vehicle manufacturers.

The Technical Center provides you with downloads and links to the most up-to-date resources on our commercial vehicle product lineup as well as answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

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Vehicle Types

  • Trucks
  • Street Trucks (i.e. Snowplow, Bucket, Garbage, Sweepers)
  • Buses and RVs (i.e. School, Commercial, Transit, Motor Homes)
  • Construction (i.e. Backhoes, Pavers, Bulldozers, Compactors)
  • Agriculture (i.e. Harvesters, Combines, Tractors)
  • Emergency (i.e. Ambulance, Fire, Police)