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The Power Assist Speed and Direction Sensor is integrated into the powered door or tailgate system of the vehicle for safe operation. This sensor helps to prevent injury and/or damage to occupants, pedestrians outside the vehicle and the vehicle itself. Some models provide "set points" for custom stop height on tailgates.



  • Sliding door automatic systems
  • Tailgate automatic systems
  • Trunk automatic systems
automotive-sensor-customLittelfuse vehicle sensors are designed for customer-specific applications and packaging. To learn more, contact Littelfuse.

  • Sealed or unsealed construction options makes this sensor type well suited to various environments

  • Magnetically operated non-contact sensing gives excellent life and reliability

  • Operates when target wheel (ferrous or magnet encoder) rotates within gas spring assembly

  • Internal circuit protection available

  • EMC/ESD protection available

  • Choice of circuitry for outputs

  • Choice of connectors and terminals

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