Solar Series - Single Zone

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Solar sensors detect the amount of solar irradiation acting on the vehicle and allow the climate control system to compute and compensate thermal loads inside of the passenger compartment for occupant comfort. Ambient light sensors measure ambient light conditions as seen by the human eye and allow the vehicle body lighting system to automatically control the Interior or Exterior lighting features such as Daylight Running Lights or the automatic dimming of instrument panel lighting.



  • Automotive HVAC control
  • Interior and exterior lighting control
  • Visual indicator

automotive-sensor-customLittelfuse vehicle sensors are designed for customer-specific applications and packaging. To learn more, contact Littelfuse.

  • Patented diffuser technology provides horizon to horizon response and regular characteristics

  • Individual calibration using laser trimming technology

  • Customized styling and mechanical interface

  • Customized output and electrical interface

  • Solar irradiation intensity measurement

  • Available as Single or Dual Zone variant

  • Linear output proportional to irradiance level

  • Capable of integrating additional functions such as temperature sensing or alarm LED indicator

  • Operates with wide range of windscreen types

  • Customer tailored spectral characteristics

  • Choice of connectors and terminals

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Supply Voltage (V)Saturation Current (mA)Output TypeOperating Temperature (°C)Ambient Light Response
Accuracy (%)
Sun Load Response
Accuracy (%)
Single Zone52.2Analog-40 to +1051010
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