Level Sensing Series - PWG™

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Littelfuse Pulsed WaveGuide™ (PWG™) sensor technology, patent pending1, is a cost effective linear position sensing technology that is capable of producing a highly versatile, robust and accurate distance measurement solution.

The Pulsed WaveGuide Sensor package contains signal conditioning electronics and a screened wave guide transmission line - the sensing element. When used in conjunction with a suitable permanent magnet, the signal transmitted along the wave guide is reflected at the magnet position. The time of flight between start of transmission and the reflected signal is directly proportional to the distance between the start point of the wave guide and the magnet position.

In order to minimize power consumption, the measurement frequency can be optimized. In addition, the measurement mode can also be set to burst mode and poll mode. In burst mode the system enters a sleep state and awakes to report position at preset intervals; in poll mode the sensor reports position upon demand from an ECU.



  • Linear actuator position sensing
  • Liquid level sensing, SCR
  • Valve position sensing
  • Clutch and brake cylinder piston position
  • Vehicle suspension height sensing
  • Robotic applications
  • Industrial positioning applications
automotive-sensor-customLittelfuse vehicle sensors are designed for customer-specific applications and packaging. To learn more, contact Littelfuse.

  • Contactless linear position sensor

  • Robust, simple, cost effective design

  • Works with Ferrite magnet 4mT (40Gauss)

  • Sensor stroke lengths up to 340mm

  • Longer designs feasible upon request

  • Accuracy without correction < 2%

  • Low current consumption < 20mA

  • Operating temperature range: -40°C up to +145°C


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Catalog #Supply Voltage (V)Operating Current (mA)Output TypeFluid TypeOperating Magnetic Field (G)Operating Temperature (°C)Linearity (%)Sensing Range (mm)
DEF_UREA12 Battery20PWMUrea200-40 to +1252340
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