HD Battery Combiner Series - 12-24 Vdc Bi-Stable Combiner Shares Charge Voltage Between Two Battery Banks

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880051 880055
  • Optional remote On or Off switching override enables emergency override for starting from an auxiliary battery, or allows house/cab functions to operate longer in critical applications.
  • Supports high current loads such as large inverter loads. Operates under high temperature conditions. Compact unit is an ideal choice for applications in heavy vehicles, construction, agriculture, military, mining and agriculture.
  • Eliminates the cost of routing heavy copper cables to mechanical-only battery switches. Battery combiner can be conveniently located between battery banks, and remote switch can be conveniently located in the cab or wherever required, using only small gauge wiring.
  • Optional start isolation input ensures isolation of auxiliary loads from engine cranking voltage spikes and sags.
  • Optional ‘Engine On’ input eliminates relay cycling caused by voltage drop along cables.
HD combiner wiring

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Catalog #DescriptionCaseContinuous currentVoltageIngress ratingInrush rating (10 seconds)Compare
880051HD Relay CombinerBlack Thermoplastic300A16 VIP67
1500 A (1x 4/0 input/output cable)
880055HD Relay CombinerBlack Thermoplastic300A32 VIP67
1500 A (1x 4/0 input/output cable)

pdf icon HD Series Bi-Stable Battery Combiners Datasheet

Part Numbers: 880051 880055 – Replaces Hot Feed D-652