MHP-TAM Series - Metal Hybrid Protection – 6 Amps and 15 Amps

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Protecting battery packs, while keeping a low profile. Our MHP-TA device offers a 9VDC rating and a higher current rating than typical battery strap devices. Most ultra-thin computing products use lightweight and high capacity lithium polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells that also exhibit higher voltages and battery discharge rates. The MHP-TA's compact size (5.8mm x 3.85mm x 1.15mm) and multiple activation temperature ratings ranging from 72 to 90 degrees Celsius, help give our device a sizable advantage in helping meet safety requirements required of LiP and prismatic cells.

Compact Design, Current Capacity

  • 9VDC rating
  • Two levels of current carrying capacity:
    • Low current (nominal 6A hold current @25°C)
    • High current (nominal 15A hold current @25°C)
  • Multiple activation temperature ratings (72°C, 77°C, 82°C, 85°C, 90°C)
  • Compact size (L: 5.8mm x W: 3.85mm x H: 1.15mm) allows for ultra-thin battery pack designs

Resettable Protection

  • Capable of handling the higher voltages and battery discharge rates found in high-capacity lithium polymer and prismatic cell applications
  • Helps provide resettable over temperature protection in high-capacity LiP and prismatic cell applications

Batteries in Mobile Electronics

  • Tablets
  • Ultra-thin notebooks PCs
  • Smart phones
  • E-readers

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Activation Temp (Deg C)Operating Temp (Deg C)Reset Temp (Min) (Deg C)Reset Temp ∆T (Deg C)Reference Resistance (mΩ)Contact ratingsBreaking Capacity (A)Leakage Current Max @2VDC (mA)Leakage Current Max @3VDC (mA)Height (Y-axis) (in)Height (Y-axis) (mm)Lengh (X-Axis) (mm)Width (in)Width (mm)Product
Partner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
MHP-TAM15-9-7272-30 - 100402.5 - 5DC9V/25ADC5V/80A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM15-9-72CheckOrder
MHP-TAM15-9-7777-30 - 100402.5 - 5DC9V/25ADC5V/80A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM15-9-77CheckOrder
MHP-TAM15-9-8282-30 - 100402.5 - 5DC9V/25ADC5V/80A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM15-9-82CheckOrder
MHP-TAM15-9-8585-30 - 100402.5 - 5DC9V/25ADC5V/80A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM15-9-85CheckOrder
MHP-TAM15-9-9090-30 - 100402.5 - 5DC9V/25ADC5V/80A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM15-9-90CheckOrder
MHP-TAM6-9-7272-30 - 10040710 - 15DC9V/12ADC5V/40A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM6-9-72CheckOrder
MHP-TAM6-9-7777-30 - 100401010 - 15DC9V/12ADC5V/40A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM6-9-77CheckOrder
MHP-TAM6-9-8282-30 - 100401010 - 15DC9V/12ADC5V/40A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM6-9-82CheckOrder
MHP-TAM6-9-8585-30 - 100401010 - 15DC9V/12ADC5V/40A2000.0451.1510.9 - 11.5.148 - .1513.75 - 3.85Product SpecificationMHP-TAM6-9-85CheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s)
RF4375-000 MHP-TAM15-9-77 RoHS No 08/02/2017 PbFree No 08/02/2017 CoC_RoHS10_RF4375-000_-MHP-TAM15-9-77-_01-16-2019 REACH205_Declaration_RF4375-000_-MHP-TAM15-9-77-_3-6-2020 Yes
Does not Contain
RF4377-000 MHP-TAM15-9-85 RoHS No 02/23/2018 PbFree No 02/23/2018 CoC_RoHS10_RF4377-000_-MHP-TAM15-9-85-_08-08-2019 REACH201_Declaration_RF4377-000_-MHP-TAM15-9-85-_08-08-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
RF4378-000 MHP-TAM15-9-90 RoHS No 02/23/2018 PbFree No 02/23/2018 CoC_RoHS10_RF4378-000_-MHP-TAM15-9-90-_06-10-2019 REACH197_Declaration_RF4378-000_-MHP-TAM15-9-90-_06-10-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
RF4370-000 MHP-TAM6-9-72 RoHS No 02/13/2019 PbFree No 02/13/2019 CoC_RoHS10_RF4370-000_-MHP-TAM6-9-72-_03-23-2021 REACH211_Declaration_RF4370-000_-MHP-TAM6-9-72-_03-23-2021 Yes
Does not Contain
RF4371-000 MHP-TAM6-9-77 RoHS No 01/15/2019 PbFree No 01/15/2019 CoC_RoHS10_RF4371-000_-MHP-TAM6-9-77-_01-16-2019 REACH201_Declaration_RF4371-000_-MHP-TAM6-9-77-_12-10-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
RF4373-000 MHP-TAM6-9-85 RoHS No 01/15/2019 PbFree No 01/15/2019 CoC_RoHS10_RF4373-000_-MHP-TAM6-9-85-_01-16-2019 REACH209_Declaration_RF4373-000_-MHP-TAM6-9-85-_07-29-2020 Yes
Does not Contain
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