ITV9550 30A Series - Three-Terminal Surface Mount Battery Protectors

Series: ITV9550 30A
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ITV is a three-terminal surface mountable li-ion battery protector designed to guard against the damage caused by both overcurrent and overcharging. A fuse element is embedded to cut off the circuit when overcurrent issue happens. A heater is also directly embedded under the fuse element, it will generate heat to blow the fuse once overvoltage detected by IC or FET. 


  • Protection for both overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Low internal resistance
  • UL and TUV certification
  • Surface mount footprint
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen free


 Used as a protector in Li-ion battery pack

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Power tools
  • E-scooter
  • E-bike
  • UPS

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VOP(V)Vmax(Vdc)Ibreak(A)Max Operating Temp (°C)PolySwitch Internal NumberCells in SeriesIrated (A)Rfuse(mΩ)Rheater(Ω)Size Code (mm/in)Packaging
Marking CodeCheck StockSample CapableProduct
ITV9550L12308.4~13.2628065ITV9550L1230MR3300.5~2.53.2~5.29550(3820)Tape & ReelLF1230YesYesProduct SpecificationCheckOrder
ITV9550L143011.1~18.4628065ITV9550L1430MR4300.5~2.56.3~9.39550(3820)Tape & ReelLF1430YesYesProduct SpecificationCheckOrder
ITV9550L203014.0~23.4628065ITV9550L2030MR5300.5~2.510.0~15.09550(3820)Tape & ReelLF2030YesYesProduct SpecificationCheckOrder
ITV9550L303020.2~31.5628065ITV9550L3030MR6~7300.5~2.518.8~31.29550(3820)Tape & ReelLF3030YesYesProduct SpecificationCheckOrder
ITV9550L403028.0~46.9628065ITV9550L4030MR9~10300.5~2.540.0~60.09550(3820)Tape & ReelLF4030YesYesProduct SpecificationCheckOrder
ITV9550L503039.6~62.0628065ITV9550L5030MR12~14300.5~2.572.4~120.69550(3820)Tape & ReelLF5030YesYesProduct SpecificationCheckOrder