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Series: PCB 2P Relay
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The EVR Series printed circuit board (PCB) two-pole (2P) ac power relay is designed to switch EV charging applications on and off. Its extended contact gap of greater than 3 mm provides better isolation and allows for usage in higher elevation environments. The very compact form factor has a low temperature rise and heavy-duty power switching current up to 40 A/277 V ac. This relay family enables compliance with all EV charging infrastructure standards such as IEC 62955, IEC 62752 and UL 2231.

Features and Benefits:
  • Low contact resistance provides low temperature rise at rated current
  • Contact rating up to 40 A is suitable for Mode 2 and Mode 3 EV charging defined by IEC 61851-1 and Ac Level 2 EV charging defined by SAE J1772
  • Meets requirements in IEC 62752, IEC 62955, and UL 2231 supporting global standards and simplifies inventory with a single form factor
  • Certified to IEC 61810:1 enables compliance to IEC 61851-1 for switching of main current path
  • Mirror contact mechanism according to IEC 60947-4-1 enables detection of power contacts welding
  • Contact gap > 3 mm meets overvoltage category III requirement and provides enhanced protection against shock and vibration for added safety and longevity
  • Load switch endurance provides longer lifetime expectancy
  • PCB terminals offer easy installation onto PCBs, enabling high-speed assembly and replacement of DIN rail-mounted ac contactors and associated wiring and assembly
  • Compact size creates a smaller footprint than two single-pole relays for similar current rating, adding design flexibility
  • EV charging station (charging pile)
  • Ac wallbox
  • In-Cable Control Box (ICCB)

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Contact MaterialMaximum Switching Power VAMax Switching Voltage VACInsulation ClassCheck StockDielectric Strength: Disconnect between main contacts (VAC 1 min)Dielectric Strength Between auxiliary contact and coil VAC 1 minDielectric Strength Between main contact and auxiliary contact VAC 1 minDielectric Strength Between main contact and coil VAC 1 minDielectric Strength Between two groups of main contacts VAC 1 minDielectric Strength Disconnect auxiliary contacts VAC 1 minMaximum Operate Time msMaximum Release Time msAmbient Temperature CVibrationStockSamplesCompare
EVR-2A06-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2A09-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2A12-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2A24-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2B06-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2B09-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2B12-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
EVR-2B24-1Silver Alloy11080277FYes2000200020005000200020003010-40 +8510Hz-55Hz 1.0mmCheckOrder
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