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ABS 24V Sockets
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The ABS system conforming to ISO/DIN 7638 is required on all vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons. These connectors are used for the electrical connection of the ABS braking system between a truck tractor and a trailer or semitrailer in the commercial vehicles sector, both for 24V and 12V electrical systems.

The connectors are available in a 5-pole version for the ABS braking system. The sockets are provided with an expulsion system of the plug in case it is not plugged in correctly.

  • Standards: Conforms to, ISO 7638-1 standards
  • Conforms to ADR/GGVS norm requirements for vehicles transporting hazardous goods
  • Version of crimp contacts with a special tool
  • Version of screw contacts (suitable for the spare parts market)
  • Mechanical resistance and water tightness guarantee an efficient and reliable electrical connection

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VoltageNumber of pinsTerminalsTerminal MaterialAgency Approval - ISOAccepts Cable CoresCable OutletObsolete DateCompare
0058360024V5ScrewNickel-Plated Brass7638-115.5 mm
0058380024V5ScrewNickel-Plated Brass7638-115.5 mm
0058550024V5CrimpedNickel-Plated Brass7638-12x6+3x1.5 mmq15.5 mm
0058587024V5CrimpedNickel-Plated Brass7638-12x4+3x1.5mmq7-12 mm
0058680024V5CrimpedNickel-Plated Brass7638-12x6+3x1.5 mmq15.5 mm
0058687024V5CrimpedNickel-Plated Brass7638-12x4+3x1.5mmq7-12 mm
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24V5ScrewNickel-Plated Brass7638-17-12 mm8/14/18
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24V5ScrewNickel-Plated Brass7638-115.5 mm8/14/18
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24V5ScrewNickel-Plated Brass7638-17-12 mm8/14/18
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24V5ScrewNickel-Plated Brass7638-17-12 mm8/14/18
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24V5CrimpedNickel-Plated Brass7638-12x4+3x1.5mmq7-12 mm8/14/18
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24V5CrimpedNickel-Plated Brass7638-12x6+3x1.5 mmq15.5 mm8/14/18
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