MINI - 153-PC Series - MINI® Style - PC Board Mount Fuseholder

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The MINI® Fuse PCB Fuse Holders bring the reliability and availability of the plug-in 32V MINI® Fuse to the circuit board. Vertical and horizontal mounting of units is offered. The Fuse Holder has “standoffs” to accommodate board washing and incorporates a unique “board lock” anchor to maintain a firm mechanical bond to the PCB.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)MountingFuse TypeObsolete DateReplaced ByStockCompare
01530007Z1532 VDCPCB MountMini
01530008Z1532 VDCPCB MountMini
01530009Z1532 VDCPCB MountMini
01530007153232PC MountMINI (297)Check
01530008153232PC MountMINI (297)Check
01530009153232PC MountMINI (297)Check
01530010153232PC MountMINI (297)Check
01530011153232PC MountMINI (297)Check
01530016153232PC MountMINI (297)Check
Obsolete: 2020 -04-17
Replaced By: 1530007
203232PC MountMINI (297)04/17/201530007Check
Obsolete: 2020 -04-17
Replaced By: 1530008
203232PC MountMINI (297)04/17/201530008Check
Obsolete: 2020 -04-17
Replaced By: 1530009
203232PC MountMINI (297)04/17/201530009Check