LEY Series - In-Line Watertight Double Pole Class CC Fuse Holder

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The Littelfuse 600 V in-line watertight fuse holders are the ideal answer for all high humidity and corrosive environments where fuses are required. Available in both breakaway and non-breakaway, single and double pole versions, these fuse holders allow maximum flexibility for any application.

  • Street, alley, and parking lot lighting
  • Security and perimeter lighting
  • Traffic signals
  • Outdoor illuminated signs
  • Sports lighting
  • Boat electrical circuits
  • Tractors and yard equipment
  • General outdoor circuit protection
  • Safety-Permits individual fixture or device to be disconnected from circuit for servicing. Eliminates possibility of shock.
  • Individual fixture fusing-Prevents loss of one fixture through accident, vandalism, or end of life from darkening the entire circuit.
  • Simplifies maintenance- Being able to immediately identify the one faulted fixture eliminates testing the entire circuit, speeds repair and permits servicing the individual unit while the rest of the circuit is functioning.
  • Reduces damage from fault-Can prevent faulted ballast or other failure from severely damaging fixture or device, reducing necessary repair or need of replacement.
  • Watertight-Internal O-ring provides watertight seal
  • Superior terminal seeds-Ultrasonically-welded terminals provide maximum strength and eliminate leaking at terminals.
  • Break-Resistant- Fiberglass –reinforced polymer body resists damage from dropping or impact much better than phenolic look-alikes.
  • Flexible terminations-Accommodates a wide range of stranded or solid copper conductors, with either crimp or screw terminals.
  • One-pole and two-pole models- available to accommodate all system voltages up to 600v.

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Catalog #Fuse TypeIndicatingStockSamplesCompare
LEYAAClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYAASClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYABClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYABSClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYACClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYADClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYAYCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYAYCSClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBAClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBASClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBBClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBBSClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBDClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBYCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYBYCSClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYCAClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYCBClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYCCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYCDClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYCJClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYCYCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYDAClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYDBClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYDCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYDDClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYDJClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYDYCClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYJJClass CCNoCheckOrder
LEYJJSClass CCNoCheckOrder