345 HV Series - Shock-Safe Fuse Holder for 5x20mm and 3AG Fuses

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Designed to eliminate electrical shock as defined by IEC standards 60065 and 60127, these panel-mount fuses holders offer a wide variety of options. This allows for inventory reduction and versatility.


  • Anti-tease feature eliminates circuit interruption when knob is accidentally depressed
  • Five fuse holder types for maximum flexibility
  • Two knob styles— screwdriver slot and fingergrip
  • Drip proof option available on screwdriver slot knob style
  • Two terminal choices depending on application

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)MountingFuse TypeStockSamplesCompare
345060120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345060220600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345060320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345061120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345061220600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345061320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345062110600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345062210600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345062310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345063110600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345063210600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345063310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345070120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345071120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345090320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345091320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
345092310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
345093310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34510115600600PCB Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34512115600600PCB Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34560120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34560220600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34560320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34561120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34561220600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34561320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34562110600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34562210600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34562310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34563110600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34563210600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34563310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34570120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34571120600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34590320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34591320600600Panel Mount3AG/3AB (6.3x32mm)CheckOrder
34592310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder
34593310600600Panel Mount5x20mmCheckOrder