LFJ Series - Class J Indicating Fuse Blocks

LFJ Series - Class J Indicating Fuse Block
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Features and Benefits
  • Indication offered on all versions except 200A-600A
  • DIN Rail releasable for all non-knife blade style fuses
  • Only one hand is required to release from DIN Rail (lock open lock closed)
  • Phenolic blocks have side barriers for isolation
  • Spring reinforced fuse clips are standard on 100A and larger blocks. Reinforcing springs are optional on 30A and 60A blocks.
  • Universal mounting holes make for easy replacement
  • Space-saving design — up to 45% smaller than existing blocks

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Fuse TypeIndicatingStockSamplesCompare
LFJ600301CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600301PIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600301SIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600302CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600302PIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600302SIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600303CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600303PIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600303SIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600601CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600602CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ600603CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ601001CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ601003CIDClass JYesCheckOrder
LFJ602001CClass JNoCheckOrder
LFJ602003CClass JNoCheckOrder
LFJ604001CClass JNoCheckOrder
LFJ604003CClass JNoCheckOrder
LFJ606001CClass JNoCheckOrder
LFJ606003CClass JNoCheckOrder

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