00940563ZPA - OEM Emergency Fuse Kits Series

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Available for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep® models, these kits contain MINI®, Low Profile MINI®, JCASE® and/or Low Profile JCASE® fuses for that model. The Littelfuse Emergency Fuse Kits are ideal for the glove box or trunk offering instant protection in the garage or on the road.

Packaging designed to generate impulse sales. Contains the most popular amperages for that brand vehicle.

 (3) 10 amp  (1) 20 amp
 (3) 15 amp  (1) 30 amp
 (2) 20 amp  (1) 40 amp
 (1) 7.5 amp  (1) 50 amp
 (1) 25 amp  
 (1) 30 amp  
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