HCRTP-mini Series - 16VDC 500A High Current Reflowable Thermal Protector Mini

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High Current Reflowable Thermal Protection Mini (HCRTP-MINI) Device is a low-resistance, robust surface mountable thermal protector. It has a set open temperature and can be installed using reliable, lead-free, Surface Mount Device (SMD) assembly and reflow processes.


  • Capable of high hold current 
  • Low profile, compact footprint
  • Low series resistance; DC interrupt voltage capable
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Compatible with SMD solder reflow process up to 260°C


  • Helps prevent failed components from causing damage in case of a thermal event
  • Allows the use of standard surface-mount production methods so that no special assembly costs are required
  • Low power dissipation and voltage drop
  • Supports DC electronic circuits
  • Enables green design


  • Automotive HVAC, ABS, power steering, DC/DC converters, diesel heaters, engine cooling fans, body control modules, PTC heaters, etc.
  • IT servers, telecom power converters, etc. 
  • Other industrial applications with high demanding environmental, life and reliability requirements
  • Other DC thermal protection

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