Class CC Fuses

Standards: UL Standard 248-4,

CSA Standard C22.2, No. 106, classified as HRCI Misc.

Voltage rating: 600 volts, AC

Current ratings: UL Class CC: 0-30 amps
UL Class CD: 35-60 amps

200,000 amps rms symmetrical

Time delay optional: Minimum of 12 seconds at 200% current rating.

Applications for Class CC Fuses:

Three types of Class CC dual element fuses, specifically designed to protect different types of components:


  1. Motor protection – CCMR series; dual-element, time-delay fuses specifically designed to protect motor circuits up to 40 HP.

  2. Small transformer protection (control power transformers) – KLDR series, time-delay fuses designed to withstand the high magnetizing inrush of transformers.

  3. General purpose protection of equipment requiring fast overload protection – KLKR series, fast-acting fuses used for protection of equipment containing solid-state devices or other electronic components requiring fast response on overloads.