JTD01.6ID - JTD_ID Series

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The Littelfuse® POWR-PRO® JTD_ID Indicator Class J fuse provides visual blown fuse indication and maximum protection in a compact package. The compact Class J package was designed specifically for circuits where space is at a premium. The current limiting time delay JTD_ID offers a patented true dual-element design that is ideal for use in circuits with high inrush currents. Superior performance characteristics of JTD_ID Indicator fuses reduce nuisance fuse opening and the blown fuse indication reduces downtime and increases safety.


  • Fused combination motor controllers to provide IEC Type II (no damage) motor branch-circuit short-circuit and ground fault protection.
  • Motor control centers
  • Transformer protection
  • Protection for UL Listed series-rated molded case circuit breaker panels
  • General purpose circuits — mains, feeders and branch circuits — especially when space is at a premium.


  • Reduced down-time — A glance at the indicating window of a JTD_ID indicator fuse pinpoints open fuses immediately. If the window is dark, the fuse has opened. It’s that simple. No fuse testing required. Machine operators can immediately determine that there is an open fuse and request maintenance personnel to bring the proper replacement.
  • Reduce nuisance opening — Indicator fuses have superior time-delay and cycling characteristics they can be used on a variety of applications, thus decreasing fuse inventory.
  • Reduce fuse inventory — Because JTD_ID Indicator fuses have superior performance characteristics they can be used on a variety of applications, thus decreasing fuse inventory.
  • Reduce equipment damage — Indicator fuses provide superior overload and short circuit protection that can reduce equipment damage. Indicator fuses also provide IEC Type II “No Damage” protection to IEC and NEMA type motor starters.
  • Reduce accidents — The JTD_ID Indicator fuse improves safety by minimizing exposure to live circuits. Unlike other forms of blown fuse indication, once the indicator window darkens, it stays dark. It does not matter if the power is on or off or if the fuse is in a toolbox. Other forms of indication requires the power to remain on, which causes a safety hazard for personnel.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 1.6
VAC (V) 600
VDC (V) 300
Interrupting Rating 20 kA @ 300 Vdc
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
Size Industrial Cartridge
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