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Series: KLPC
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KLPC series POWR-PRO™ fuses provide ideal overcurrent protection for circuits from 200 through 6000 amperes. KLPC series POWR-PRO™ fuses specification-grade construction and performance meet or exceed the most stringent project specifications: 99.9% pure silver links, silver-plated copper end bells, glass-reinforced melamine bodies, O-ring seals between body and end bells, and granular quartz fillers. KLPC series POWR-PRO™ fuses are the only UL listed Class L fuses that provide a minimum of ten seconds time delay at 500% rated current and are also as current limiting as the fastest Class L fuse on the market. On average, the peak let-through currents of KLPC series fuses are 10% less than any other "time-delay" Class L fuse.

  • Service switches
  • Switchboard mains and feeders
  • Bolted pressure contact switches
  • Motor control center mains
  • Large motor branch circuits
  • UL Listed series-rated protection for molded case circuit breaker panelboards and loadcenters. (See panelboard manufacturers' literature for recommended fuse rating).
  • Primary and secondary protection for transformers
  • Protection of power circuit breakers
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime
  • KLPC POWR-PRO™ series fuses' time delay withstands system surges and keeps your circuits in service.
  • Best protection for system components
  • Maximum current limitation means less equipment and system damage when short circuits occur. Reduced damage means that electrical service can be restored quickly, reducing costly downtime, and often permitting equipment repair rather than replacement.
  • Coordinates with other system components
  • KLPC series fuses provide maximum coordination with fuses and circuit breakers both on the line and load side of the fuses. See the Fuseology section of this catalog for additional information.
  • Eliminate need to oversize fuses
  • This may permit the use of smaller less expensive switches, and, since the lower rated fuses are more current limiting, equipment receives even better protection.
  • 300kA Interrupting Rating
  • Littelfuse self-certified to 300,000 amperes as standard. Meets future trend towards higher available short circuit currents.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 2000
VAC (V) 600
VDC (V) 480
Interrupting Rating 20 kA @ 480 Vdc
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
Size Bolt-In
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