LDC Series - 600 V - UL Class L All Purpose AC/DC Fuses

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Littelfuse POWR-PRO® LDC series Class L fuses represent another first in fuse protection. LDC series fuses are the first UL Listed 600 volts AC and DC Class L fuse. Since they may be used for both AC and DC, they eliminate the concern that AC only fuses may be inserted into DC circuits.

While LDC series fuses’ UL Listed DC interrupting rating is more than adequate for most applications (50,000 amperes at a 16 millisecond time constant), tests in our high power testing laboratory have shown that this remarkable fuse is capable of performing at much longer time constants. This makes the fuse uniquely suited for such applications as crane rail circuits and mass transit systems. Contact the factory for application information for special needs such as this.

For AC-only systems, consider the use of POWR-PRO® KLPC series fuses. They have a full ten seconds time-delay at 500% rated current, and have a wider range of ratings.

  • UPS protection, especially for large battery circuits
  • DC distribution
  • DC variable speed drives
  • Protection of crane rail circuits and other large DC equipment such as electrical power shovels, ships and dock cranes, etc.
  • Mass transit systems, including new light rail applications
  • General-purpose AC/DC circuits for mains, feeders and branch circuits
  • 600 Volt AC/DC rated — “All-purpose” Class L fuse reduces inventory requirements because the need for special fuses is eliminated.
  • UL Listed 200,000 A.I.R. AC – 50,000 A.I.R. DC — Reliable interruption of all overcurrents up to their ratings. Minimizes the need for time-consuming and expensive short-circuit studies.
  • Moderate time delay — Four seconds time delay at 500% current provides adequate time-delay for many AC applications and most DC applications. They will withstand most harmless overloads or line surges. If your needs exceed the LDC capabilities, consider the use of KLPC fuses for AC applications.
  • Selective coordination — LDC series fuses coordinate well with all Littelfuse fuses rated 600 amperes or less. A combination of LDC and IDSR series fuses provide a complete 600 volt rated DC system.
  • Extremely current limiting — Maximum current limitation reduces damage to circuits and equipment under short-circuit conditions. Stops damaging short circuits faster than any mechanical protective device.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningSizeStockSamplesCompare
LDC150150600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC200200600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC250250600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC300300600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC350350600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC400400600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC450450600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC500500600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC600600600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC601601600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC601GP601600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-In
LDC650650600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC700700600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC750750600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC800800600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC900900600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC10001000600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC11001100600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC12001200600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC12011201600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC13001300600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC13501350600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC14001400600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC15001500600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC16001600600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC16011601600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC18001800600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC19001900600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
LDC20002000600600200000A@600VAC/ 50000A@600VDCFast-ActingBolt-InCheckOrder
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