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Series: IDSR
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The Littelfuse IDSR Indicator™ fuse is the first indicating power fuse ever. Its solid-state design provides state-of-the-art reliability; it will forever change the way you look at modern circuit protection.

Money is wasted each time a circuit opens and halts production. Thousands of dollars can be lost with every minute spent testing to discover the cause.

The Littelfuse IDSR Indicator™ fuse offers you a better way. Just a simple glance a the IDSR Indicator’s window tells which circuit is open. The circuit can be tested and any problem corrected without unnecessary delay. No time wasted finding the faulted circuit. No system damage. And no costly down time.

  • All general-purpose circuits
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Solenoids
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • All system components with high inrush currents
  • Patented design fuses — The first totally new dual-element time-delay Class RK5 fuses in 10 years. They look different because they are different! Even the Littelfuse SLO-BLO® fuse, the fuse that set new standards for dual-element fuses when it was introduced in 1984, cannot match the performance of POWR-PRO® Indicator™ fuses.
  • Pinpoint open fuses immediately — A glance at the window tells if the fuse has blown. If the window is dark, the fuse has opened. It’s that simple. No fuse testing required.
  • Reduce down-time — Machine operators can immediately determine that there is an open fuse and request maintenance personnel to bring the correct replacement.
  • Superior time delay — POWR-PRO® Indicator™ fuses provide superior time delay to override current surges without sacrificing protection for sustained overloads. This superior time delay is achieved by a remarkable advance in the science of fuse design. Littelfuse-patented leading edge metallurgy eliminates all moving parts in a true dual-element fuse.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 6
VAC (V) 600
VDC (V) 600
Interrupting Rating 20 kA @ 600 Vdc
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
Size Industrial Cartridge
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