15NLE3200E - E-Rated Series

Series: E Rated
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E-Rated Fuses
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E-Rated fuses have time current characteristics designed to provide current limiting protection for power transformers, potential transformers, power centers, feeder centers, and unit sub stations. When properly applied, they can protect against high and low value fault currents.

NEMA Standards for E-rated medium voltage fuses require that fuses rated 100E or less open within 300 seconds (5 minutes) when subjected to an RMS value of 200-240% of the fuse's continuous current rating; and fuses with an E-rating larger than 100E must open within 600 seconds (10 minutes) when subjected to an rms current of 220-240% of the fuse's continuous current rating. These values establish one point on the time-current curve.

Live Parts
Live parts are available for mounting "E", "R", and "PT" single, double, and triple barrel fuses. Mounting clips are available for ferrule type and clip lock style fuses. All clips are sold in pairs.

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