266 Series - PICO® High-Reliability Very Fast-Acting Subminiature Radial Leaded Fuse

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The 265/266/267 Series are high–reliability PICO® Fuses, 
that are very fast-acting, with an insulating sleeve. 
These fuses provide supplemental protection in enduse equipment to provide protection for components 
or internal circuits. They are not suitable for branch or 
feeder circuit use. The Military version of the 265 Series 
(except 1/16 ampere rating) is available in FM08A on 
QPL for MIL-PRF-23419/8. To order, change 265 to 267


  • Military grade available
  • RoHS compliant
  • Available from 62mA to 15A
  • Available in axial and radial leaded
  • Available in miniature and subminiature formats

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)Resistance
Interrupting RatingMax Operating Temp (°C)Min Operating Temp (°C)OpeningSizeStockSamplesCompare
0266.0620.0621251256.99300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266.1250.1251251252.1300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266.2500.251251250.71300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266.3750.3751251250.42300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266.5000.51251250.28300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266.7500.751251250.17300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266001.11251250.125300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266002.21251250.055300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266003.31251250.03515300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266004.41251250.014300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266005.51251250.01300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266007.71251250.08300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
026601.51.51251250.00645300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
0266010.101251250.004300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
266015151251250.004300A@32VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder
026602.52.51251250.042300A@125VDC125-55Very Fast-Acting (FF)2.36 x 7.11mmCheckOrder

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pdf icon Fuse 265 Datasheet

The 265/266/267 Series are high–reliability PICO® Fuses, that are very fast-acting, with an insulating sleeve...