SPFI Series - 1000 Vdc - In-Line Solar Fuse

SPFI Fuses
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The Littelfuse SPXI solar fuse is designed to integrate into an in-line assembly within a wire harness. The fuse provides photovoltaic (PV) protection that meets UL 248-19 for photovoltaic applications. The SPXI can be electrically insulated by either overmolding or using heat-shrink.

Features / Benefits

  • Meets UL photovoltaic specifications
  • 20,000 A interrupting rating
  • No fuse holder required

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VDC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningStockCompare
SPFI0022100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI0033100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI03.53.5100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI0044100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI0055100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI0066100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI0088100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI01010100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI01212100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI01515100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI02.52.5100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI02020100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI02525100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check
SPFI03030100020000Fast-Acting (F)Check