Standard Series - 600V - 2500V Surface Mount Power Device (SMPD) Packages

Series: Standard
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Our Surface Mount Power Device (SMPD) packaging technology is an expansion of the ISOPLUS™ package portfolio to include modules that can be assembled in standard surface mount (SMD) soldering processes and is pick-and-place ready to be assembled on a customer’s existing SMD assembly lines.

Our SMPD range provides a large array of standard options in terms of topology or silicon varieties. Its simplicity and optimized manufacturing process enables fast time to market for customers that require differing die and circuit combinations effectively fast tracking product development. Numerous discrete devices can be successfully combined in one high reliability package that can then be easily assembled on current SMD assembly lines.


  • Ultra-low and compact package profile
  • Surface mountable via standard reflow process
  • Low package weight
  • Up to 4500V ceramic isolation (DCB)
  • Low package inductance
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High power cycling capability


  • Battery chargers
  • Switching and resonant power supplies
  • DC choppers
  • DC-DC converters
  • Temperature and Lighting controls
  • Motor drives
  • E-bikes and electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Solar inverters
  • Induction heaters

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #StatusVCES (V)IC @ 25 ℃ (A)VCE(sat) (V)Ic @ 80°C (A)tfi (ns)ConfigurationPackage TypeRthJC [IGBT] (K/W)Eoff (mJ)IC @ 90 ℃ (A)Eoff @ 125 ℃ (mJ)Eoff @ 150 ℃ (mJ)IC @ 110 ℃ (A)Part DatasheetPartner ECAD ModelsCompare
IXA20PT1200LBActive12002818Phase LegSMPD1262017PartIXA20PT1200LB
MMIX1G120N120A3V1Active12002202.2325Copack (FRED)SMPDU0.3158105PartMMIX1G120N120A3V1
MMIX1X100N60B3H1Active6001451.8150Copack (FRED)SMPDU0.312.868PartMMIX1X100N60B3H1
MMIX1X200N60B3H1Active6001751.7110Copack (FRED)SMPDU0.243.4572PartMMIX1X200N60B3H1
MMIX1Y100N120C3H1Active1200923.5110Copack (Sonic-FRD)SMPDU0.313.5540PartMMIX1Y100N120C3H1
MMIX1Y25N250CV1Active2500364246Copack (FRED)0.6510.518PartMMIX1Y25N250CV1
MMIX1Y82N120C3H1Active1200783.493Copack (Sonic-FRD)SMPDU0.393.736PartMMIX1Y82N120C3H1
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