Very High Voltage Series - 2500V - 4700V N-Channel Standard Power MOSFETs

Very High Voltage
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The Very High Voltage series of N-Channel Standard MOSFETs are specifically designed to address demanding, fast-switching power conversion applications requiring very high blocking voltages up to 4.5kV. Thanks to the positive temperature coefficient of their on-state resistance, these very high voltage MOSFETs are ideally suited for parallel device operation, which provides cost-effective solutions compared to series-connected, lower-voltage MOSFET ones. This also results in reduction in the associated gate drive circuitry, further simplifying the design, saving PCB board space, and improving the reliability of the overall system.


  • High blocking voltage
  • Proprietary high voltage ISOPLUS™ packages
  • Up to 4500V electrical isolation (DCB)
  • UL 94 V-0 Flammability qualified (molding epoxies)


  • Capacitor discharge circuits
  • High voltage power supplies
  • Pulse circuits
  • Laser and X-ray generation systems
  • High voltage relay disconnect circuits
  • Energy tapping applications from the power grid


  • Easy to mount
  • Space savings
  • High power density

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VDSS (V)RDS(ON),max @ 25 ℃ (Ohm)ID, cont @ 25 ℃ (A)Gate Charge (nC)RthJC (K/W)ConfigurationPackage TypeStatusCISS (pF)trr,typ (ns)PD (W)Replaced By PartObsolete DatePart DatasheetSPICE ModelStockSamplesCompare
IXTA02N250HV2500450.000.207.401.50SingleTO-263HV116150083Part Check
IXTF02N4504500625.000.2010.601.60SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™246160078Part CheckOrder
IXTF1N250250040.001.0041.001.13SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™16602500110Part Check
Replaced By: IXTF1N450
400060.0001.0078.00.78SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™PHASE OUT/OBSOLETE25303500160IXTF1N450NAPart 
IXTF1N450450080.000.9046.000.77SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™17001750165Part CheckOrder
IXTF1R4N450450040.001.4088.000.65SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™3300660190Part Check
IXTH02N450HV4500625.000.2010.601.10SingleTO-247HV2461600113Part Check
IXTH1N450HV450080.001.0046.000.24SingleTO-247HV17001750520Part Check
IXTL2N450450020.002.00180.000.56SingleISOPLUS i5-PAC™68601750220PartSPICECheckOrder
IXTL2N470470020.002.00180.000.56SingleISOPLUS i5-PAC™68601750220PartSPICECheck
IXTT02N450HV4500625.000.2010.601.10SingleTO-268HV2461600113Part CheckOrder
IXTT1N250HV250040.001.5041.000.50SingleTO-268HV16602500250Part CheckOrder
IXTT1N450HV450080.001.0046.000.24SingleTO-268HV17001750520Part CheckOrder
IXTX1R4N450HV450040.001.4088.000.13SingleTO-247HV3300660960Part Check
IXTX5N25025008.805.00200.000.13SinglePLUS247™85601200960Part Check
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