IXTK400N15X4 - X4-Class Series

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These devices are developed using a charge compensation principle and proprietary process technology, resulting in Power MOSFETs with significantly reduced resistance RDS(on) and gate charge Qg. A low on-state resistance reduces the conduction losses; it also lowers the energy stored in the output capacitance, minimizing the switching losses. A low gate charge results in higher efficiency at light loads as well as lower gate drive requirements. In addition, these MOSFETs are avalanche rated and exhibit a superior dv/dt performance. Also due to the positive temperature coefficient of their on-state resistance, they can be operated in parallel to meet higher current requirements.


  • Low on-resistance RDS(ON) and gate charge Qg
  • dv/dt ruggedness
  • Avalanche capability
  • International standard packages


  • Synchronous rectification in switching
    power supplies
  • Motor control (48V-80V systems)
  • DC-DC converters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Electric forklifts
  • Class-D audio amplifiers
  • Telecom systems


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