BTB08-x00BW Series - TRIAC TO-220AB 8A

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This triac is designed for high performance full-wave ac control applications where high noise immunity and commutating di/dt are required.


  • Blocking Voltage to 800 V
  • OnState Current Rating of 8 Amperes RMS at 25°C
  • Uniform Gate Trigger Currents in Three Quadrants
  • High Immunity to dV/dt - 2000 V/s minimum at 125°C
  • Minimizes Snubber Networks for Protection
  • Industry Standard TO-220AB Package
  • High Commutating dI/dt - 4 A/ms minimum at 125°C
  • These are Pb-Free Devices


  • Motor Control

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Catalog #IT(RMS) (A)VDRM (V)IGTMAX (mA)ITSM 60Hz
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