PGA-LS25 Series – Fiber-Optic Sensor Series - Littelfuse PGA-LS25 Fiber-Optic Sensors Offer Superior Arc-Flash Detection

Series: PGA-LS25 Series – Fiber-Optic Sensor
Availability: Obsolete


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The PGA-LS25 series is an arc-detection, fiber-optic sensor that is designed to detect arcs along its entire length. This sensor is meant to be installed with the fiber along the back wall of switchboards to form the detection range across all compartments with just one sensor. The sensor is positioned to allow direct line of sight to all powered connections where an arc could develop. The sensor is capable of detecting the light from an arc flash from all angles. The detection radius is dependent on the arc power. If the trip level setting on the PGR-8800 arc-flash relay is set to 1, then the PGA-LS25 will react to all arcs greater than 3 kA within a 1 m radius (dependent on the width of the compartments and the length of fiber that is exposed to the light from an arc). This fiber-optic sensor and the arc-flash relay provide superior protection against the damaging effects of arc flashes and improve the lifespan of electrical equipment as well as the protection of personnel.


  • Direct line of sight
  • Fiber-optic material
  • Length: 5 m active, 8 m total

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Obsolete: 2016 -04-06
N/AN/AN/A1.5 Kg
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