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The CT Series combines a delay-on-make and delay-on-break time delay into one unit and may be used to control fan delays in heating and/or cooling equipment. The CT includes bypass circuitry to allow it to operate with cooling anticipators ≥ 3000 ohms. It is designed to operate in 24VAC control circuits. Several CT modules may be combined to provide sequencing of any number of loads and sequencing off of the same loads, such as electric heating elements.

Operation (Delay-on-Make/Delay-on-Break)
Forced Air Heating or Air Conditioning (as shown): When the thermostat closes, the compressor relay is immediately energized. At the end of a fixed delay-on-make delay (T1), the fan relay is energized. When the thermostat opens, the compressor relay is de-energized and the delay-on-break delay is initiated. On completion of the fixed delay-on- break delay (T2) the fan relay is de-energized. If the thermostat is reclosed during the delay-on-break delay, the delay-on-break delay is reset and the fan relay remains energized. If the thermostat is closed when input voltage is applied, the delay-on-make delay (T1) begins as normal.

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Catalog #Mounting MethodCompare
CT-0050-D10Donut Style
CT-0050-F10Footed Style
CT-0075-D10Donut Style
CT-0100-D10Donut Style
CT-0100-F10Footed Style
CT-0150-D10Donut Style
CT-0150-F10Footed Style
CT-0150-F20Footed Style
CT-0200-D10Donut Style
CT-0200-D20Donut Style
CT-0200-F10Footed Style
CT-0200-F20Footed Style
CT-0300-D10Donut Style
CT-0300-D20Donut Style
CT-0300-F10Footed Style
CT-0300-F20Footed Style
CT-0400-D20Donut Style
CT-0400-F20Footed Style
CT-0400-F30Footed Style
CT-0500-D20Donut Style
CT-0600-F20Footed Style
CT-0800-F30Footed Style
CT-1200-F15Footed Style
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