08097360 Series - 16-32V 250A Electronic Bi-Stable Double-Pole Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

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The 08097360 Series 16-32V 250A Electronic Bi-Stable Double-Pole Remote Battery Disconnect Switch is operated with an emergency ON-Off switch from the vehicle's cab. This is one of the features that allow it to function as an ADR battery switch in vehicles carrying hazardous loads.

The double-pole battery disconnect switch is bi-stable with zero consumption, which means it absorbs current only during the commuting phase when the electrical circuit is switched ON or OFF and there is no further consumption to keep the ON or OFF status.

The available configurations of this electronic battery disconnect switch feature various deactivation time delays and emergency cutoff delays and have either a 12V or 24V coil to suit a wide range of commercial applications.

All models of the 08097360 series double-pole disconnect are dust-tight and protected against water to IP65/IPX4K/IPX9K standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous current rating of 250A for protecting the electrical systems of commercial vehicles
  • Available as a 16V max switch with a 12V coil and as a 32V max switch with a 24V coil
  • Operated with an emergency ON-OFF switch from the cab to comply with ADR regulations
  • Double-pole, single-throw (DPST) circuitry
  • Protected against dust and water to IP65/IPX4K/IPX9K standards
  • Timed deactivation correctly and sequentially turns off the motor to vehicles equipped with pneumatic or electrical systems that require electrical supply up until complete stoppage of the motor
  • Auxiliary contacts make it possible to disconnect the alternator indirectly
  • Available with a 4-way or 7-way DIN connector


  • Material Handling
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Buses
  • Construction

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsCurrent Rating (Inrush) in AmpsVoltage Rating MaxCircuitryIngress ProtectionRecommended TorqueSamplesCompare
08097360250250012DPSTIP6520 NmOrder
08097363250250012DPSTIP6520 Nm
08097364250250012DPSTIP6520 NmOrder
08097460250250024DPSTIP6520 NmOrder
08097463250250024DPSTIP6520 NmOrder
08097464250250024DPSTIP6520 Nm
08097469250250024DPSTIP6520 NmOrder
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