Headlamp Push-Pull Switches Series - 3-Position or 4-Position Headlamp Push-Pull Switches with Optional Rotary Dimmer

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71092-02 1304955047 7124 1304956961 7124 06 1304957211 7127
1304958854 7152 1304959586 7157 1305067734 72100

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Catalog #DescriptionTerminalsCompare
71092No Knob or Shaft8 Blade
71092-02Push-Pull Headlamp Switch with Rheostat Dash Dimmer8 Blade
7112Push-Pull Headlamp Switch5 Screw
7124Push-Pull Headlamp Switch4 Screw
7124-06Push-Pull Headlamp Switch4 Screw
7127Push-Pull Headlamp Switch4 Screw
7152Push-Pull Headlamp Switch4 Screw
7157Push-Pull Headlamp Switch3 Screw
1 Stud
72100Push-Pull Headlamp Switch4 Screw