58332 Sealed Series Series - Sealed Rocker Switches with Pilot Lights

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58332 switches are supplied in retail BP only and are supplied with one black and one gray snap-on actuator. These general-purpose switches are suitable for all kinds of applications.

  • 20A at 12V, 15A at 24V DC
  • Switches with LED pilot lights must be used at the stated voltage only
  • They are weather-resistant with contact areas sealed to IP66 (high pressure wash-resistant).
  • Recognized at UL 1500 (Ignition protection for marine products). With neoprene gasket/panel seal.
  • Conveniently snap into a standard rectangular mounting hole 1.48" x 0.83" (36.8 x 21.1mm) in panels from 0.09" to 0.19" thick (2.4 x 4.7mm).
  • Plastic housing, bezel and actuator.
  • Silver contacts, Brass blade terminals.
  • Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

    Catalog #Package TypeSwitch typeCircuitryContactsHousingUp positionCenter positionDescriptionObsolete DateCompare
    58332-20-BPRockerSPSTSilverPlasticMom OnSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-21-BPRockerSPDTSilverPlasticOnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-22-BPRockerSPDTSilverPlasticMom OnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-23-BPRockerSPDTSilverPlasticOnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-25-BPRockerDPDTSilverPlasticOnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-26-BPRockerDPDTSilverPlasticOnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-27-BPRockerDPDTSilverPlasticMom OnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-28-BPRockerDPSTSilverPlasticMom OnSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    58332-29-BPRockerDPSTSilverPlasticOnSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch
    Obsolete: 2018 -01-11
    Blister PackRockerSPDTSilverPlasticMom OnOffSealed Weather-Resistant Rocker Switch1/11/2018