91113 - Neutral Safety and Backup Switches Series

1305238856 91113
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20A at 12V DC. SPST, normally Off. On with plunger depressed, spring return to Off.
Silver contacts. Transmission-mounted, extra heavy-duty. Compact design for mounting in areas where space is limited. Two screw terminals. 9/16" -18 thread mounting stem, 5/16" (7.9mm) long. Replaces: Autocar 8E-01360, Brockway 128537, Diamond Reo 560-65, Kenworth AT-91-69 Mack 1MR-1320, Oshkosh 13320-F1, White 1743529.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Package Type Bulk
Description Back-Up Switch
Additional Description Transmission mounted
Circuitry SPST
Terminals Two Screw
Terminal details Two # 8-32 screws, 11.09mm Apart
Mounting 9/16 - 18 UNF-2A thread 5/16 long
Sealing Gasket Seal
Rating 20A/12V DC
Normal position Normally Open
Contacts Silver
Insulator Terminal Insulator, Molded Durez
Details Normally Open, Contacts Closed when Depressed; Spring Return