PPGxxxJx Series - Thin Film Platinum RTD Sensors

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Littelfuse thin film platinum RTDs (Pt-RTD) consist of a passivated thin film platinum element deposited on a ceramic substrate. Thin film Pt-RTDs provide cost advantages when compared to wirewound platinum resistance temperature detectors. 


  • Glass coated platinum element 
  • Virtually linear relationship between temperature and resistance
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -70°C to +500°C
  • Excellent stability even at high temperatures
  • High accuracy: Resistance and temperature deviation can be controlled to within ±0.06% and ±0.15°C, a tolerance that corresponds to Class “A” or Class “F 0.15” of DIN EN 60751 (Class A products only)
  • High Reliability: Capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions


  • Industrial water meters and heat meters
  • Cold chain and cold storage

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Catalog #Resis Ω @ 0°CResis Tol ±% @ 0°CIEC 60751 ClassTemp. Dev. ±°C @ 0°CTCR ppm/°CMin Operating Temp (°C)Max Operating Temp (°C)Engineering DrawingRT TableCompare
PPG101JA1000.06F 0.150.153850-70500EngineeringRT
PPG101JB1000.12F 0.30.33850-70500EngineeringRT
PPG102JA10000.06F 0.150.153850-70500EngineeringRT
PPG102JB10000.12F 0.30.33850-70500EngineeringRT
PPG501JA5000.06F 0.150.153850-70500EngineeringRT