PW Series - Precision Interchangeable Thermistors (150°C) ± 0.5°C Accuracy - Uninsulated Leads

Series: PW
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Littelfuse precision interchangeable thermistors are low cost, highly accurate, stable devices designed specifically for temperature sensing and control applications. They are particularly suited for uses where their precision interchangeability eliminates the necessity for costly individual circuit calibration.


  • High accuracy
  • Fast thermal response time
  • Low cost
  • Small size
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • R/T Curve-matched


  • Special lead materials and lengths
  • Special encapsulants or probe housings
  • Non-standard resistance values and tolerances


  • Interchangeability accuracy of ±0.5°C (0°C to +70°C)
  • Thermal time constant: 1 second max. in a well stirred oil bath, 10 seconds max. in still air
  • Dissipation constant: 1 mw/°C
  • Maximum power rating: 30 mw at 25°C derated to 1 mW at 125°C
  • Operating temperature range: -80°C to +150°C
  • Storage and operation temperatures for best long-term stability: -80° to +120°C

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Resis Ω @ 25°CR-T CurveBeta (K) 0-50°COperating TemperatureEngineering DrawingRT TableCompare
PW102E31000E3263-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW102J21000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW103G210000G3575-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW103J210000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW104J2100000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW104R2100000R4140-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW203J220000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW222J22252J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW302J23000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW303J230000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW502J25000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW503J250000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW503R250000R4140-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
PW602J26000J3892-80° to 150°CEngineeringRT
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pdf icon Sensing Products Selection Guide

This guide provides an introduction to magnetic sensing and options for value-added custom design packages.

pdficon Littelfuse Leaded Thermistors Precision - PW Datasheet