SP11xx Series - SP11xx Series Discrete Unidirectional TVS Diode

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Zener diodes fabricated in a proprietary silicon avalanche technology protect each I/O pin to provide a high level of protection for electronic equipment that may experience destructive electrostatic discharges (ESD). These robust diodes can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes at ±30kV (contact and air discharge, IEC 61000-4-2) without performance degradation. Additionally, each diode can safely dissipate 80A (SP1105S) of 8/20μs surge current (IEC 61000-4-5 2nd edition) with very low clamping voltages.


  • ESD, IEC 61000-4-2, ±30kV contact, ±30kV air
  • EFT, IEC 61000-4-4, 40A (5/50ns)
  • Lightning, IEC 61000-4-5 2nd edition, 80A (tP=8/20μs, SP1105S)
  • Low clamping voltage
  • Low leakage current
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL-1)
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant


  • Switches / Buttons
  • Test Equipment / Instrumentation
  • Point-of-Sale Terminals
  • Medical Equipment
  • Notebooks / Desktops / Servers
  • Computer PeripheralsAutomotive Electronics

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Catalog #Standoff
ESD Contact
PolarityChannelsPublic part (Yes/No)Product CategoryRoHSSamplesSBUCheck StockPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
SP1105-01UTG5.01.0&30&3070.010.9V@70A630Unidirectional1YesGeneral Purpose ESD ProtectionYYesSBUYesSP1105-01UTGCheckOrder
SP1105S-01UTG5.01.0&30&3080.09.8V@80A630Unidirectional1YesGeneral Purpose ESD ProtectionYYesSBUYesSP1105S-01UTGCheckOrder
SP1112-01UTG12.01.0&30&3040.026.5V@40A230Unidirectional1YesGeneral Purpose ESD ProtectionYYesSBUYesSP1112-01UTGCheckOrder
SP1115-01UTG15.01.0&30&3030.030.0V@30A180Unidirectional1YesGeneral Purpose ESD ProtectionYYesSBUYesSP1115-01UTGCheckOrder
SP1124-01UTG241.0&30&3020.045.0V@20A130Unidirectional1YesGeneral Purpose ESD ProtectionYYesSBUYesSP1124-01UTGCheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s)
SP1105-01UTG 30KV 5V 70A TVS Diod uDFN-2 RoHS No 03/21/2018 PbFree No 03/21/2018 CoC_RoHS10_SP1105-01UTG_09-14-2018 REACH197_Declaration_SP1105-01UTG_03-18-2019 Yes
Does not Contain
SP1105S-01UTG 30KV 5V 80A TVS Diod uDFN-2 RoHS No 08/08/2017 PbFree No 08/08/2017 CoC_RoHS10_SP1105S-01UTG_03-19-2021 REACH211_Declaration_SP1105S-01UTG_03-19-2021 Yes
Does not Contain
SP1112-01UTG 30KV 12V 40A TVS Diod uDFN-2 RoHS No 03/21/2018 PbFree No 03/21/2018 REACH205_Declaration_SP1112-01UTG_05-05-2020 Yes
Does not Contain
SP1115-01UTG 30KV 15V 30A TVS Diod uDFN-2 RoHS No PbFree No CoC_RoHS10_SP1115-01UTG_07-07-2020 REACH211_Declaration_SP1115-01UTG_02-02-2021 Yes
Does not Contain
SP1124-01UTG 30KV 24V 20A TVS Diod uDFN-2 RoHS No 03/21/2018 PbFree No 03/21/2018 CoC_RoHS10_SP1124-01UTG_03-29-2019 REACH209_Declaration_SP1124-01UTG_12-21-2020 Yes
Does not Contain
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