AK3-430C-Y - AK3-Y Series

Series: AK3-Y
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The AK10-Y series of high power TVS diode is specially designed for meeting severe surge test environment of both AC and DC line protection applications. It features a very fast response and ultra low clamping characteristics as compared to MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors). It accomplishes this by virtue of the Littelfuse Foldbak™ technology, which provides a clamping voltage lower than the avalanche voltage (but above the rated working voltage); therefore, any voltage rise due to increased current conduction is maintained at a minimum magnitude, providing the best possible protection level. These AK components can be connected in series and / or parallel to create a very high surge current protection solution. 


  • Recognized to UL 497B as an Isolated Loop Circuit Protector
  • Foldbak™ technology for superior clamping factor
  • Both reflow and wave soldering capable
  • Very low clamping voltage
  • Ultra compact: less than one-tenth the size of traditional discrete solutions
  • Sharp breakdown voltage
  • Low slope resistance
  • Bi-directional
  • Symmetric in leads width for easier soldering during assembly.


AC line or DC line protection.

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