Sinusoidal Vibration Testing for Thermistor Assembly USP2446

Thermistor Assembly Environmental Test Report

Appendix 1 (CONT.)

USP2446 NTC thermistor assembly is mounted in a brass fitting

Sinusoidal Vibration

Part Number: USP2446

Part Description: Thermistor Probe

Test Identification Number: SO#: 37213

Test Specification: MIL-E-5400, CURVE VI, FIGURE 2

Test Condition (s):

20 g
104 Hz

DURATION: 9 hours total, 3 hours in each of three perpendicular axis.

Acceptance Criteria Results
Maximum Change in Resistance Due to Test: ±1% PASS
Maximum Change in Resistance Ratio R50°C/R25°C: ±0.1% PASS