Salt Water Temperature Cycle for Thermistor Assembly PN USP2373 ID #44006 (500 Cycles)

USP2373 thermistor assembly is 0.375 inch in diameter

Testing of Thermistor Probe USP2373 ID # 44006

Part Number: USP2373

Part Description: Thermistor Probe

Test Identification Number: SO#: 44006

Test Specification:


Test Condition (s):

Apply power to probes (dissipation between 1 and 3mw @ 25 and 98°C)

Immerse in Salt Water (Saturated) at Room Temperature for 1 hour

Increase temperature to 98°C within 30 minutes

Cool to 25°C (room temperature) within 30 minutes

Dwell at room temperature for 1 hour and repeat

DURATION: 500 cycles

Acceptance Criteria Results
No Moisture Intrusion PASS
Maximum Change in Resistance Ratio R50°C/R25°C: ±0.1% PASS