Salt Water Temperature Cycle for Thermistor Assembly PN USP2373 ID #44477 (70 Cycles)

The next two pages outline the results of Salt Water Temperature Cycling performed on thermistor assembly part number USP2373.

USP2373 thermistor assembly is 0.375 inch in diameter.

USP2373 thermistor assembly is 0.375 inch in diameter

Testing of Thermistor Probe USP2373 Id #44477

Part Number: USP2373

Part Description: Thermistor Probe

Test Identification Number: SO#: 44477

Test Specification:


Test Condition (s):

Apply power to probes (dissipation between 1 and 3mw @ 25 and 98°C)

Immerse in Salt Water (Saturated) at Room Temperature for 1 hour

Increase temperature to 98°C within 30 minutes

Cool to 25°C (room temperature) within 30 minutes

Dwell at room temperature for 1 hour and repeat

DURATION: 70 cycles

Acceptance Criteria Results
No Moisture Intrusion PASS
Maximum Change in Resistance Ratio R50°C/R25°C: ±0.1% PASS