Littelfuse Environment, Health, and Safety Statement

Littelfuse is a diversified, industrial technology manufacturing company empowering a sustainable, connected, and safer world. We are committed to conducting business and operations in a responsible manner where human health, safety, and protecting the environment are key principles and indicators of organizational excellence. By aligning our actions to these fundamental principles, we aim to protect our associates, customers, partners, and communities today and into the future. It is our policy to:

Meet or exceed compliance with applicable Environmental, Health & Safety laws, regulations, and company policies.

Strive to identify, prevent, and reduce safety and environmental hazards, to prevent illnesses and injuries, while encouraging the health and wellbeing of our associates.

Design products that are safe in their intended use and minimize the use of materials, especially hazardous materials, in manufacturing processes. Consideration will also be given to the wider global impact of all activities including suppliers, customers, and stakeholders.

Prevent pollution by minimizing waste at the point of generation or finding ways to reuse or recycle materials. Continue to seek out methods to manufacture our products more sustainably and utilize our resources in a sustainable manner.

Implement and maintain an effective Environmental, Health & Safety Management System that establishes objectives, targets and programs to achieve continual improvement. Training and tools will be provided to all appropriate individuals in order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Commit to a long-term sustainability strategy that engages our key stakeholders in our environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

Communicate company Environmental, Health & Safety policies and procedures to all associates, and persons working for or on behalf of Littelfuse. Make the commitment to empower our associates to participate in, and provide feedback on, how to continuously improve our EHS culture.

Engage associates in proactive EHS activities that promote a culture of caring, accountability and proactive learning at work, at home, and within our community.

Celebrate and recognize our individual and team successes.

Dave Heinzmann
President and Chief Executive Officer



Littelfuse Environment, Health, and Safety Statement